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The Gig Economy is Broken


The Gig Economy is Being Fuelled by Exploitation, not Innovation



The precariat a New Social Class Created by the Gig Economy

The Guardian


MIT Revisisted Report: Pay is Not Worth the Cost of the Gig


RHYD: Rethink How You are Driven

In the digital age, there is no proponent for the common digital and on-demand worker, where there is one central repository to find articles and advocacy for change.

At RHYD we want to be that voice for those that are looking for information, perspective, a brand that stands to make a difference in shifting the status quo so that the gig economy is fair for everyone, not just a handful of investors.

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10 Reasons Why the Gig Economy is Broken

We’ve been hearing the phrase for years now, it’s what all News Outlets, Tech Blogs, Wall Street speculators, and VC firms spew out to describe the future of work.

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